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opc drums for Lenevo 5500;Founder A6100/A6100U/A6100N DELL 1600 OKI C5100n/C5150n/C5200n/C5300n

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opc drums for Lenevo 5500;Founder A6100/A6100U/A6100N  DELL 1600 OKI C5100n/C5150n/C5200n/C5300n/C5400

laser printer drum for Lenevo 5500;Founder A6100/A6100U/A6100N  DELL 1600 OKI C5100n/C5150n/C5200n/C5300n/C5400


1.printer model : Lenevo 5500;Founder A6100/A6100U/A6100N  DELL 1600 OKI C5100n/C5150n/C5200n/C5300n/C5400 drum,printer opc drum

2.green or Blue OEM color

3.opc with black or white gear

4.drum can be refilled for 2-3 times


Samsung drums, hp opc drum, Minolta printer opc drum, oki laser opc drum. Epson oem opc drum, Dell color opc drum, Xerox green opc drum  compatible Kyocera opc drum, opc drum refilled Utax  green opc drum sharp etc




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We are a gold and trusted manufacture of toner chip (laser chip, reset chip, printer chip, toner cartridge chip, compatible chip) and a reseller of OPC drum, printer drum, Our website: http://printercolorltd.en.alibaba.com. We have some OPC drum as follows:


OPC drum for others:


printer drum Sharp AL1000


printer drum Lasermaster 1000-4 AFM/KX,400/600

OPC drum Founder A200280/280E/280P

printer drum Founder A5000

printer drum Troy 524;Interface System 9324

OPC drum Founder A306;Newgen Ps440/660;Genicom9080

OPC drum refilled Lenovo 880

printer drum Lenovo 1700/1800/800;

OPC drum refilled Founder210/220/230;

printer drum Lanier Fax 1210/12401260;Toshiba TK-18;

OPC drum Sharp FO-5500/5500/5600/6500/6550/6600;Ricoh Fax 1700L/Type 70;N

Interface System 9308Fujitsu JFPRN603 Wang LDP-17; Alcatel v8376

OPC drum refilled Toshiba LBP-1080D

OPC drum Founder A5100/A5100N

printer drum DELL 1100

OPC drum refilled Gcc Elite 600/ET;Dec Declaser 3500M/N

OPC drum Lenevo 7500

printer drum Founder A6000/1210;Lenovo 4B/6C/6C;APTi Powerlaser E740H

OPC drum Lenevo 3116

OPC drum refilled Sharp JX-9200/DR92/AL-800/FO-2600/2800/3800              

OPC drum Compaq LN32;Genlcom microlaser320;Dataproducts DDS32/40; Fujitusu OPC drum refilled LB303/306A  

OPC drum refilled Lenevo 5500;Founder A6100/A6100U/A6100N

OPC drum Dell 1700

OPC drum refilled Lenovo 2312/2500

OPC drum DELL C3110

OPC drum refilled Lenevo C8000                             

OPC drum DELL 1600       

Opc drum for DELL-1815



OPC drum for Xerox:


printer drum  XEROX PHASER-3110/3210

printer drum  XEROX PHASER-3117/3121/PE220

OPC drum refilled  XEROX PHASER-3114/3115/3120/3130/3150,WC-PE16

OPC drum refilled  XEROX PHASER-3420/3450

Refilled opc drum for XEROX PHASER-3150, WC-PE120

Refilled opc drum for XEROX PHASER-3250D

Refilled opc drum for fXEROX DP-203A

Compatible opc drum for XEROX 3140 | 3160

Laser printer opc drum for Xerox 3117 | 3122 | 3124 | 3125 | 3200 | PE220 HANP

Opc drum for Xerox PE16 | 3119 | Lexmark X215 | Ricoh 1175 | AC104  DRUM

Compatible opc drum for Xerox 3150 | PE120

Laser printer drum for Xerox 3210 | 3220 | 3250 (209)

printer drum  Xerox M15 | M20 | 418 | 4118 | WC312 | WC412

printer drum  Xerox 3500 | 3600 YUL  DRUM

compatible opc drum for Xerox XD100 DRUM

refilled drum for Xerox 3300 | 3428 | 3435 | 3550 | 3635 OEM  DRUM

printer drum Xerox 95A-- Xerox 6R902

OPC drum Xerox P8E-- Xerox DocuPrint P8e/ex; Xerox WorkCentre 385/390

printer drum Xerox LE210--Xerox  Phaser 3110

OPC drum refilled Xerox NX-- Xerox 6R901

OPC drum Xerox XP5-- Xerox 4505/4510/4520/PSFuji-Xerox 5/10/P1

printer drum Xerox LP8100--Xerox Docu Print 210/211

printer drum Xerox LP8400-- Xerox Docu Print N2025/2825

OPC drum Xerox XE60-- Xerox XE60/62/80/82/84/90fxP8               

OPC drum refilled Xerox N24--Fuji-Xerox 128/Hodaka 2/ABLE3401

OPC drum Xerox Docu Print N24/N32/N40/N4525/DX/CX/FN

printer drum Xerox ML2150-- Xerox Phaser 3450

OPC drum PHC-ML1650--=Xerox Phaser 3400b/3400N/Docuprint P1210

OPC drum refilled PHC-ML1710--Xerox  Phaser 3115/3116/3120/3121/3130PE16

OPC drum refilled PHC-ML1610--Xerox  Phaser 3117/3122,PE220

OPC drum refilled PHC-C2100--Xerox  C2100

OPC drum refilled PHC-ML3050--XEROX 3428

OPC drum PHC-ML2250--Xerox  Phaser 3150/Xerox PE 120             



OPC drum for Panafax

printer drum Panafax XP5-- Panafax UX745/755/755E

printer drum Panafax N24-- Panafax GX-3100

Panafax UG3313-- Panasonic panafax UF-550/650/850/770/880/885/895/DF1100/ UG3313

OPC drum Panafax UG3309-- Panafax UF-744/788 UG3309/3317

Panafax UG3350-- Panasonic panafax UF-585/595/UG3350(PB-1530)



OPC drum Panafax 84E--FL511/512/513 


OPC drum for Apple

OPC drum refilled Apple 74A--Apple LaserWriter 300/310/320/4/600(PX)

OPC drum Apple 98A--Apple LaserWriter 16/1600PS/Pro600/630

OPC drum refilled Apple 75A--Apple LaserWriter MO188/NTP/SC, Personal LaserWriter LS/NT/NTP/SC

printer drum Apple 95A--Apple LaserWriter /M6000

OPC drum refilled Apple 00A--Apple LaserWriter Select 350

OPC drum Apple XP5--Apple LaserWriter Select 360/610/300/310


OPC drum for Pitney Bowes


OPC drum Pitney Bowes --XP5 Pitney Bowes 9700/9720/9750/9760

printer drum Pitney Bowes -- UG3313

OPC drum refilled PitneyBowes9900/9910/9920/9930/9950/2000/2030/2050;            

OPC drum refilled DX-1000/DX-2000

printer drum Pitney Bowes UG3309--Pitney Bowes 9800/9820/9830

OPC drum Pitney Bowes UG3350--Pitney Bowes 1530   


OPC drum for Minolta:


printer drum Minolta 75A-- QMS PS410/420/460

OPC drum Minolta 95A-- QMS PS 810/815/820/825

printer drum Minolta 09A--QMS 2425/2425EXFX-1/2425 FX2/2425EX

OPC drum refilled Minolta 00A--QMS PS 860/1660;

OPC drum refilled MinoltaSP302—Minolta 1100/W/1200/W/1300/W/1350;

OPC drum Minolta SP-302/PagePro 6e/6L/Pageworks 6e/6l/Fax 2500/3500/5500

OPC drum refilled Minolta NX-- QMS 1700/1725/PS1700/PS1725/1725SLS PS

OPC drum refilled Minolta LP8200-- Minolta SP1000/1500/1700/SP6QMS1060

printer drum Minolta W810-- Minolta 270/280/290/310

OPC drum refilled Minolta N24-- QMS 3260/4032

OPC drum Minolta Q2200-- QMS 2200

OPC drum refilled Minolta LP9200-- Minolta SP A-310,Pageworks20,Page Pro 20;QMS2060        

OPC drum refilled Minolta Q2300-- QMS 2300/2400

OPC drum for Lexmark:

printer drum  LEXMARK OPTRA E-210

compatible opc drum for LEXMARK X-215

refilled opc drum for Lexmark E210 |

laser printer opc drum for Lexmark E230 | E232 | E330 | E340 | E342N | X203 | X340 | X342 | E250 | E350 | E352 OPC drum FOR E450 DRUM


OPC drum Lexmark P8E--Lexmark Optra E310/E312/E312L

printer drum Lexmark 09A--Lexmark 4040/Optra N240/245

OPC drum Lexmark LE210--Lexmark Optra E210

printer drum Lexmark SP302--Lexmark Optra E /E+/Ep/Es/4026/4026A/B/D/E;

printer drum Lexmark LP8100--Lexmark W812

OPC drum Lexmark N24--Lexmark W820/N/DN/E


Lexmark E120--Lexmark E120

OPC drum refilled Lexmark T420--Lexmark T420/T430 -

OPC drum Lexmark E230--Lexmark E230/232/330/332/250

printer drum Lexmark -ML1710--Lexmark X215RICOHAC104


OPC drum for Samsung:


printer drum SAMSUNG ML1010/1210/1250/1430

laser printer drum SAMSUNG ML1610/1625/1640K/1641K/1642K/2241K

compatible opc drum SAMSUNG SCX-4321/4521/4725

drum refilled for SAMSUNG ML-2010/2510/2570/2571

printer drum refilled for SAMSUNG ML1510/1710/1740/1750

refilled opc drum forSAMSUNG SCX-4016/4100/4200/4116/4126/4300K/4310K/4315K

compatible opc drum for SAMSUNG ML-2150/2152/2550/2551/2552

laser printer drum for SAMSUNG ML-1053/1911/2526/2581/651/4601/4623/1915

reset printer drum for SAMSUNG ML-1630/1666/1043/1660/104

opc drum for SAMSUNG ML-2250,SCX-4520/4720

compatible opc drum for SAMSUNG ML-1910/1915/1916/2525/2580/2851DK/2855

compatible printer drum for SAMSUNG ML-3050/3051/3471DK/3472NDK

refilled printer opc drum for SAMSUNG SCX-5530/5635, MLT-D208S

opc drum for SAMSUNG ML-3560/3561/4050/4550

compatible opc drum for Samsung 105 | ML1910 | ML1915 | ML1916 | ML2525 | ML2580 | SCX4600 | SCX4605 | SCX4610 | SCX4623 | SF650

DRUM Samsung 1610 | 2010 | 2510 | 2570 | 4321 | 4521 | 4725

Printer drum for Samsung 1710 | 4100 | 4200 | 4216 | 4300

Printer drums for Samsung 2150 | 2151 | 2152

Drums for Cilindro Samsung 2250 | 2251 | 2252 | 4520 | 4720

Opc drum refilled Samsung 2850 | 2851 | 2855 | 4828

Printer drum for Samsung 3050 | 3051 | 3300 | 3428 | 3435 | 3470 | 3471 | 5530 | 5635 | 5835

Drum for samsung 5112 | 5115 | 5312 | 5315 | 6220 | 6320

Laser printer opc drum Samsung 3560

OPC drum refilled Samsung ML1210 DRUM

Opc drum for SAMSUNG ML1010/1210/1250/1430

printer drum SAMSUNG ML1610/1625/1640K/1641K/1642K/2241K

printer drum SAMSUNG SCX-4321/4521/4725

printer drum SAMSUNG ML-2010/2510/2570/2571

printer drum SAMSUNG ML1510/1710/1740/1750

OPC drum SAMSUNG SCX-4016/4100/4200/4116/4126/4300K/4310K/4315K

opc drum refilled SAMSUNG ML-2250,SCX-4520/4720

OPC drum SAMSUNG ML-1910/1915/1916/2525/2580/2851DK/2855

printer drum SAMSUNG SCX-4824/4828, MLT-D209L

printer drum SAMSUNG ML-3050/3051/3471DK/3472NDK

OPC drum SAMSUNG ML-3560/3561/4050/4550

printer drum Samsusng P8E-- Samsung SF-5000

Samsung ML-200/250/1010/1210/1220/1250/1430/4300/4500/4600/SF550

OPC drum Samsung ML-1610/2010/2510/2570/2571N,SCX4321/4521/4725

printer drum Samsung ML8200/8250/8600/8650/8700

OPC drum Samsung ML2150/2151N/2152W/2550/2551N/2552W

printer drum Samsung ML3050/3051

printer drum Samsung ML-3560/3561N/3561ND/3562W  

printer drum Samsung ML-2851/2852 


drum SamsungSCX-4100/4200/4116/4216F

printer drum Samsung ML-1440/1450/1650/1651N/6000/6060/6085/6160N/S

OPC drum Samsung ML5100/530

printer drum Samsung ML-2250/2251SCF-4520/4720


OPC drum for Brother:

Opc drum for BROTHER HL-2030/2040/2070/2140/2150/2170

OPC drum refilled  MFC-7010/7030/7220/7225/7040/7340/7420/7820/7840

OPC drum refilled  DCP-7020

Printer opc drum for DR360/2000/2025/2100,DR-20J/21J,TN-25J/26J

Laser opc drum for  NEC MW-1150

OPC drum  BROTHER HL-1030

Compatible OPC drum  MFC-8300/8420/8500/8600/8700/8820/P2500

Printer opc drum for DCP-1200/1400/8020/8025

Compatible opc drum for DR-400/500/7000,DR-30/36J,TN-430/460/6300/6600,

Laser printer NEC MW-1200

Compatible drum for HL5240/5250/5270/5280

Drum for MFC-8660 DR520/3100/3115/DR-31J/41J,TN-580,35J,37J


OPC drum refilled Brother 98A-- Brother HL-1260/1660(EX)

OPC drum Brother -75A--Brother HL-4/4PS/4V/4Ve/6/6V

OPC drum refilled Brother 95A-- Brother HL-8/8E/8PS-AP/8D-AP/8V/HL-10

printer drum BrotherB1240--DR400/DCP-1200/1400

drumHL-1230/1240/1250/1270/N/1440/1450/1470N/ MFC-8300/8600/8700/9700/9800;DR500/Brother

OPC drum HL-1650/N/1670/1850/1870N/ 5040/5050/LT/5070N/MFC-8420/8820D/DN


OPC drum for Epson:


printer drum EpsonSP302—Epson LP-800/S/900/1200/1300/U/1800/1900/N/


printer drum Epson EPL-5500/W/5700/5800/5900/L/6100/L

printer drum Epson LP8100-- Epson LP-7700/8100/8700/8700 PS3/8900/EPL2120

OPC drum

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